If you are sick of paying a monthly cable or satellite bill then an Android TV from Canadian Androids is what you're looking for. We carry only the best Android Tv's on the market; rigorously tested and designed to last. With all of our devices you are able to convert any TV into a SMART TV. You can enjoy new TV shows, movies, sports, and a variety of live TV channels from around the world, all for FREE. All of our programmed devices are fully loaded with the BEST apps available, and are plug-and-play ready. Simply plug the box into your current TV, connect to your wifi and start watching free shows, movies, and live television content today. 


All of our devices come with the newest and most stable edition of KODI/TVMC. TVMC is a media program that allows users to watch tv shows, movies, sports, live tv, and make use of multiple music streaming programs. Best of all, everything is FREE. Its time to CUT the cable today!


ShowBox is a program that can be installed on all of our devices. Like KODI and TVMC, this program allows users to watch FREE tv shows and movies; all of which are in amazing quality. Imagine Netflix, but way better, free, and having double the content. Showbox will update on a monthly basis, so you dont have to worry about doing that yourself. If you wish to install Showbox on your cell phone or tablet, click HERE.

Canadian Android TV Plug and Play